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Frequently Asked Question's

What type of goods can I have forwarded to me ?
Anything that is not banned by Australian (and your local) Customs and Post Office authorities. Normally, banned items would include: Drugs, Plants, Food, Liquids, Living Items, Firearms & Ammunition, objects made from Animal Products, some types of Wood, and some Pornographic items. If it's banned, the authorities will confiscate it, and we will be forced to immediately cancel your account. Please note that Customs Authorities may impose charges on high-value items entering Australia and such charges if levied become your responsibility. If in doubt please ask first!

How secure is a Street Address ?
Our Street Mail Delivery box is locked and is in full view of our office. It is cleared immediately after delivery.

Which is the best, a PO Mail Box or a Street Mail Delivery Address ?
It would be naive to suggest one is better than the other, it depends on the circumstances. Many people will not deal with a business that uses only a
PO Mail Box, as they feel the business is in hiding. Likewise, most courier companies will not deliver to a PO Mail Box.
At Continental Relay you may alternate between your PO Mail Box and your Street Mail Delivery Address at no extra charge.

Do You Open My Mail or Parcels ?
Normally no ... unless requested all items are re-addressed and forwarded unopened. Please remember however, that your goods may be subjected to customs scrutiny. Most fax, voicemail and email messages are handled electronically, however, we may occasionally sight messages we receive on your behalf, but these are protected by our strict confidentiality rules.

Do you open and repack parcels?
Normally no ... however, we can at your request. New packing materials will be charged (at cost) plus a small repacking fee (normally $2 for simple items).

How Often Will You Forward To Me ?
Daily upon receipt ... Bundled Weekly ... Bundled Monthly ... or we will hold until advised ... it's your choice. Simply indicate your preferred choice on your members page.

Note: If your membership expires you will be invited to renew.  If you do not renew within 30 days (and/or have not made other arrangements with us), we reserve the right to reject, return, destroy, or otherwise dispose of items being held for you.

Can I send my outgoing mail to you for remailing from Australia with an Australian stamp and postmark.
Yes ... it's simple ...

  1. address and seal each envelope you wish us to remail (no stamps)
  2. place all of the sealed envelopes in one outer envelope, seal it, stamp it, and address it to us.
  3. when we receive you package we will open it, stamp each envelope with Australian stamps and mail them.

How Do I Keep Track Of My Mail or Messages ?
It's Easy ... Simply Login to your Members page and click on "Member Stats" - Here you will see a real-time display of your personal message tracking system.

How Do I Change My Forwarding Address ?
By logging into your members page where you may nominate your preferred method of forwarding for "mail and parcels", as well as for "electronic items" (fax/voicemail/anonymous email).

How Often May I Change My Details ?
As often as you like (free of charge) by logging into your members page. 

Can I have a joint membership with my wife or business partner?
Yes ... after completing the sign-up procedures, you are given the option of entering five different names/aliases you wish to receive mail under.

However, we always suggest that the suite number is included in the address, to help prevent any confusion with other suites and people with similar names.

Do I have to use a Suite Number as part of my address"
We do recommend it to lessen the chance of mistaken identity. However, you may refer to it as: Suite 1234 - Apt 1234 - Dept 1234 or any other identifier first cleared with us. In the case of shared voicemail/fax numbers, you may refer to it as Ext 1234.

In the event of an emergency, can I speak with a person at ?
Yes ... we are real people and unlike most mail forwarding companies we are available to speak with our clients at any time. After completing your signup, we will provide you with two cell-phone numbers (both manned 24 hours a day). These numbers are only to be used strictly in the event of a communications emergency (urgent need to change contact or mail forwarding details - urgent enquiry regarding forwarding a particular piece of mail - etc) and are not to be used by anyone other than yourself. Please note that you will be responsible for any extra charges incurred by us in following up your problems.

Intending Clients Please Note: Our listed contact numbers are for current clients. Due to time zone differences we prefer to answer ALL initial questions by email. If you still wish to speak personally with us, then please email us and we will supply a contact number.

Can you supply me with anonymous mail delivery or mail forwarding addresses in countries other than Australia ?
No not at the moment - however we are working on providing international mail forwarding addresses in the future. In the meantime, we do recommend the following three companies:
US -
UK - British Monomarks
Canada - Address In Canada

Can you supply a voicemail/fax number in a country other than USA and Australia ?
Yes ... we have private extensions and private numbers available in over 40 countries and approximately 1500 cities. These numbers are available at additional cost ... from just US$10 per number/city per month. Please enquire here for pricing on specific locations.

What is the difference between a Shared Voicemail Number, a Private Voicemail Extension and a Private Voicemail Number?
Shared Voicemail Numbers are supplied Free Of Charge as part of our normal mail forwarding service. Callers to your shared number must speak your suite number to enable us to identify and forward your message. Messages passed via shared numbers are charged a nominal handling fee (currently US$1 per message).

Private Voicemail Extensions are provided (in the city of your choice) for a monthly fee from just US$10 per month and may be scripted with your own personal greeting. Callers to your private extension are prompted to key-in your 4 digit suite/extension number and are then prompted to leave a voicemail message. Messages received via private voicemail extensions are forwarded free of charge.

Private Voicemail Numbers are provided (in the city of your choice) for a monthly fee from US$20 per month and may be scripted with your own personal greeting. Callers to your private voicemail number are automatically connected to your voice mailbox and are prompted to leave a voicemail message. Messages received via private voicemail numbers are forwarded free of charge.

Can You Supply Call Forwarding ?
Yes ... Calls to "private extensions" and "private voicemail numbers" may be forwarded to your landline at additional cost. Please enquire here for pricing on specific locations.

How are Voicemail and Fax messages delivered?
Messages via Shared and Dedicated numbers are delivered as email attachments. No special software is required ... you simply click on the attachment to view or listen.

Can You Please explain Remailing ?
You simply address and seal each item of your outgoing mail (without stamps), then place the items in a large stamped envelope and mail to - Upon receipt, we remove each item, place the correct Australian postage on it, and remail it to its destination.
Note: You MUST include your unique suite number in order that we may deduct the postage from your handling account.

Can You Please Clarify Your Handling Charges ?
Each item received by us incurs one handling charge (Letter, Fax, Voicemail: US$1 each - Parcel: US$3 - Courier items: US$3 each), and each group of items being forwarded to you (within the same cover) incurs one postage/freight/communications charge at "cost". "Cost" is the actual cost to us of postage or freight charges plus the cost of the envelope and/or any necessary wrapping or packaging materials. "Remailing" is charged at the rates shown above, plus postage charges for forwarding each item to its individual destination.
Note: Any item received or sent via courier is charged at courier rates.

Example 1: If you specify monthly mail forwarding, and during that month you receive 3 letters and 2 parcels, your total cost would be 3 items x $1 plus 2 items at $3 = $9 for handling, plus postage or freight charge (at cost) as applicable. Note: Letters are bundled but parcels are normally sent under separate cover due to customs requirements.

Example 2: If you specified weekly mail forwarding, and received 1 mail, 1 fax, and 2 voicemails in the same week, your total cost would be 4 items x $1 = $4 for handling, plus one postage/freight, or communications charge (depending on your nominated choice).

Example 3: If you sent us 1 envelope containing 5 letters for remailing, your total cost would be 5 items x $1 = $5 for handling, plus 5 postage charges to final destination (at cost).

Why do you charge more for relaying parcels and courier items than you do for mail?
Courier fees are very expensive ... when someone pays $100 into their reserve fund, it will normally only cover 1 or 2 courier items. On that same $100 we pay $3 in credit card transaction fees plus pickup phone calls and other expenses. Obviously we need to cover these charges. The same applies to the handling of parcels, but to a lesser degree. We also spend far more time in signing for and dispatching these items.

Why don't you do what some other companies do and just charge double postage instead of relay fees?
Double postage may sound inexpensive on a $1 letter, but it would be prohibitive on a $60 courier item. Our fee structure is the fairest we can devise consistent with the high level of service and security we provide.

How Do I Pay For My Membership ?
Our preferred methods of payment are:

Members residing in countries not serviced by PayPal may use any of our alternate payment methods.

Other methods of payment are: International Money Order (by mail) and Western Union. MoneyGram can only be accepted by prior agreement. Please note that these methods may incur additional charges and clearance delays - resulting in delayed deliveries to you. 

Please note that non-legitimate charge-backs will incur a fee of $20 which will be applied against your reserve account.

What's to stop me saying that I'm not satisfied and claiming my money back under your "Money Back Guarantee" ?
Nothing ... We run that risk ... but experience has shown that it's a no-risk policy. People who like our service (and we know you will), continue to use our service.

Please email us with any other questions you may have

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