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Mail Redirection Service In Australia

Protect Your Privacy With Your Own Mail Redirection Service

World's Most Reliable & Secure Anonymous Mail Drop & Mail Forwarding Service.
Forwarding: Mail - Packages - Postcards - Voice-mail - Fax - Anonymous E-mail


Satisfaction or Money Back GUARANTEE
Membership: 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months Yearly
Fee (includes setup) US$20 US$50 US$90 US$150
Please note: All members are required to lodge US$50 into a reserve fund against which all handling and postage charges are debited. Any unused portion of your reserve fund is refunded upon request.

Handling Fee: Letter, Postcard, Newspaper or Magazine US$1
Handling Fee: Remail letter with Australian stamps US$1
Handling Fee: Bulk remail (Ask for a quote) From US 50c per item
Handling Fee: Voicemail or Fax US$1
Handling Fee: Parcel US$3
Handling Fee: Courier, Express, Insured or Registered US$3
Proof of Delivery (normal Registered fees apply) plus US$4
Freight, Courier or Postage Charges At Cost
Envelopes, Boxes, Repacking Materials, etc At Cost
Repacking of incoming parcels US$2 per item (plus box, etc)
Scanning of Documents & Letters for delivery by Email US$1 per page
Banking Cheques (Checks) to your account in Australia US$5 per cheque
Paying Bills or Invoices on your behalf US$5 per bill or invoice
Purchase Postcards on your behalf US$1 per postcard
Handwrite message on Postcards on your behalf US$2 per postcard
Purchase Newspapers and Magazines on your behalf At Cost + US$2 per item
Australian Goods Buying Service (negotiable) US$10 per service minimum
Complete Customs Declaration (if required by law) US$1 per declaration/item
Pay Customs Duty on behalf of Client US$2 per item
Complete Commercial Invoice (If required by Courier) US$5 (per 3 copies)
Shared Voicemail Numbers in USA, UK & AUS Free to mail forwarding clients
Private Voicemail Extensions World-Wide From US$10 per month
Private Voicemail Numbers World-Wide From US$20 per month
Anonymous Call Forwarding
(available between 1500 cities world-wide)
From US$10 per month (includes a generous free call allowance)

Postage charges may be viewed at: Australia Post

  1. One handling/relay fee applies to each item when received by us (by whatever means). Note: Email-to-Email is currently FREE for Active Members.
  2. No additional handling/relay fees apply to items being forwarded.
  3. One freight or mail charge (at cost) applies to each item (or bundle of items) being forwarded to you in the one outer packaging.
  4. A communications charge will apply (in lieu of a freight/mail charge) for any message delivered/forwarded by telephone/fax/email. The charge will be $2 per message for brief messages and pro-rata up to $5 for longer messages. Note: Delivery by Email is currently FREE of communications charges for Active Members.
  5. Remailing Services - Your outbound mail is charged one handling/relay fee for each item handled plus the applicable mail, freight or courier charge to each items final destination.
  6. Your initial charge will consist of the applicable membership fee shown above plus a reserve fund of $50. Your reserve fund may need to be increased dependent on the volume and frequency of items forwarded. All handling/relay/freight/mail and communications charges will be deducted from your reserve fund.
  7. Top-up fees will become due when your reserve fund falls below $15. Any unused balance will be credited back to your credit card if/when your membership expires.
  8. For your protection and anonymity, all credit card charges are billed through PayPal. Please make a note of this advice, as non-legitimate charge-backs will incur a fee of $20 which will be applied against your reserve account.
  9. Australian Goods Buying Service is charged at $40 per hour. Ask for a quote.
  10. Purchase of Goods, and payment of Customs Duty, Bills and Invoices on your behalf can only be conducted after your funds have been cleared through our bank. Note: Expensive items entering Australia may be subject to customs charges. All such charges are your responsibility and will be debited against your reserve fund. Sufficient funds must be available in your reserve fund prior to us handling such items.

Note 1: You may choose to have items forwarded to you either:

  • "bundled daily as received"
  • "bundled bi-weekly"
  • "bundled weekly"
  • "bundled monthly" or
  • "held & forwarded upon request".

Note 2: All membership's include:

  1. An Australian street mail delivery address and PO Box mail drop address
  2. A USA, a UK and an Australian Shared Fax & Voicemail number
  3. A unique anonymous e mail address
  4. Forwarding of mail and parcels by either: mail, parcel post or courier
  5. Forwarding of incoming fax, voicemail & e mail messages by either:
    mail, courier, fax, telephone, or e mail (it's your choice)
  6. Remailing Services from Australia for mail, postcards, packages and courier items
  7. Fax and Voicemail numbers are available in other selected countries
    (please enquire for further details)
  8. To check our Methods Of Payment please click here

Prices effective: 1st August 2005

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